Donate Old Winter Clothes For Children In Need & Get A Discount

As you may already know by now, we have launched a range of bespoke t-shirts, themed “Kasi Ya Vaal”.

Aside from paying homage to our hometown roots in Bophelong and, by extension, the Vaal Region, the gender neutral collection is also intended to serve as a multifaceted charity initiative.

In a similar vein, we also highlighted that one of the four ways through which you, as a valued customer, can give back and make a positive difference in the lives of underprivileged children and many families in need, in the Vaal Region, is by purchasing an adult t-shirt from the range, and one long-sleeve t-shirt will to someone in need on your behalf.

Continuing on this line, we would also like to propose an alternative way for you to make a difference during this very cold winter season.

Our proposition is this: if you donate at least one gently used (or new) clothing item for one of the donation beneficiaries – first one being a non-profit organization, and day care centre known as Bophelong Children’s Home – you will receive a credit of R60* to put towards your order/purchase of an adult t-shirt from the abovementioned bespoke range.

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What this basically means for you is that you’ll essentially only pay the low price of R298 for an adult t-shirt from “Kasi Ya Vaal” range, depending on your needs and requirements.

What Kind of Winter Clothes Can I Donate Exactly?

Well, although we truly do not wish to limit you in any way, because all kinds of new/gently warm winter clothes would be highly appreciated, we would still rather suggest that you kindly review the list included below and look to see if any of these items are available in your closet, as this list was essentially drafted based on the children/s needs.

What we accept: long sleeve t-shirts, winter coats, gloves, scarves, lightweight jackets, winter hoodies, winter boots, sweaters, socks, bennies, shoes, and mittens.

*Please do note that, in the interest of safety and children’s needs, there are some items we cannot accept.

However, if you do have some items that you think we might accept and wish to donate them to get the discount, or otherwise, kindly send an email to or WhatsApp +27632694828 for more information drop off points, our bespoke range, plus other Terms and Conditions.


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