PIKOKO is proud to finally unveil our new minimalist brand identity with a corporate logo. Now, we will admit that it has taken us a few years to years to get this point, but that is mainly because our founder, Luther Lempe, better known as Sole Essential, had originally established PIKOKO back in 2014 for his own use.

It wasn’t until when so many of you started asking him about the brand that he decided to dedicate most of his time to polishing the overall concept and tweaking some tiny details.

In fact, it was you who inspired the minimalistic brand mark as well as the official company slogan: ‘Inspired by People’

Before we reveal explicit details about the products and services we plan to offer you, we thought it may be best to first start by sharing a few key details about our company as well as our intentions to take a minimalist approach to fashion, among other things.

So, PIKOKO CLOTHING, otherwise simply branded as PIKOKO, is an independent fashion lifestyle company based in the Vaal Region, in Gauteng, South Africa.

The concept was born out of the desire to establish simple and minimalistic designs as well as good quality clothing and accessories plus sustainable production.

Although, on the surface we are aiming to connect the dots between music, fashion, art & creativity, at the core, we intend to celebrate multiculturism by breaking social barriers, racial barriers and promoting community cohesion.

In other words: PIKOKO is not just a clothing company, it is a cause.

Our focus will be on simplicity and quality, which is mainly why our symbolic peacock bird and official trademarks appear to be leaning more towards a (somewhat) minimalist style of design.

Nevertheless, they are all meant to be a charming celebration of Africa’s cultural diversity, and modern pop culture. Aside from being clean, fresh and simple, they are visual demonstrations of our roots and more representative of who we are today.

Having said that, over the next few weeks, we’re going to start showing the first range of casual street wear products to a selected crowd of people – specifically those based in the Vaal Region – before we establish and/or announce an official date for our launch.

The aforementioned strategy will be executed through a series of experiential events and pop-up stores that will (hopefully) provide us with the opportunity to make necessary improvements and more tweaks while we properly estimate the chances  for the brand on the real market.

Nevertheless, we are extremely excited and look forward to sharing our creations and passion for modern simplicity with you as we move forward!

In the interim, you can either subscribe to our blog and/or connect with us on Facebook + Twitter & Instagram to keep up-to-date with the latest company news, product highlights, pop-up store locations, and everything in between.