Here’s How Much It Costs To Make One ‘Kasi Ya Vaal’ Bespoke T-Shirt

It is no secret that we, here at PIKOKO, believe that it is extremely important to have transparency in our costs and sustainable practices. Although, on the surface, we intend to earn your trust on a daily basis day by offering you a great combination of premium quality and good value that will hopefully keep you coming back for more PIKOKO products, at the core, we are somewhat hoping to achieve a little bit more than that by vividly highlighting sustainable practises and maintaining transparency in our costs. To put it another way: it is our intention to provide you with explicit yet very simple graphic (cost) breakdowns - as well as authentic short stories - about virtually every product, and/or service, that we plan to offer you. That being said, included below is an overview of how much you will spend on short, half,

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