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PIKOKO is proud to finally unveil our new minimalist brand identity with a corporate logo. Now, we will admit that it has taken us a few years to years to get this point, but that is mainly because our founder, Luther Lempe, better known as Sole Essential, had originally established PIKOKO back in 2014 for his own use. It wasn’t until when so many of you started asking him about the brand that he decided to dedicate most of his time to polishing the overall concept and tweaking some tiny details. In fact, it was you who inspired the minimalistic brand mark as well as the

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The Latest from Our Blog

Here’s How Much It Costs To Make One ‘Kasi Ya Vaal’ Bespoke T-Shirt

It is no secret that we, here at PIKOKO, believe that it is extremely important to have transparency in our costs and sustainable practices. Although, on the surface, we intend to earn your trust on a daily basis day by offering you a great combination of premium quality and good value that will hopefully keep […]

Donate Old Winter Clothes For Children In Need & Get A Discount

As you may already know by now, we have launched a range of bespoke t-shirts, themed “Kasi Ya Vaal”. Aside from paying homage to our hometown roots in Bophelong and, by extension, the Vaal Region, the gender neutral collection is also intended to serve as a multifaceted charity initiative. In a similar vein, we also […]

Our New Bespoke Range is A ‘Buy One Give One’ Initiative

In case you missed it, we recently announced that PIKOKO will be paying homage to its hometown roots in Bophelong and, by extension, the Vaal with a gender neutral range of bespoke t-shirts that will be suitable for both kids and adults. In that same breath, we also went on to highlight that the aforementioned […]